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Hi everyone now I realize your time is very valuable, so I’m, just gonna jump right to it. What we’re doing here is offering an exclusive bonus offer if you decide to get the brand-new intelligence platinum version through this page, you’re looking at and on behalf of the intelligence owners.

My name is dave guindon. I am a software developer for online marketing products and I have developed one of the software products in this bonus offer and a software product that I personally designed it’s, a very powerful three-in-one software program.

I called Ollie inspector and what it does is it researches products on the website, but it has a lot of powerful features that you really have to see in this video. So here’s. What I’m going to talk about.

I’m gonna give you a full demo of the intelligence online software app as well as my alley, inspector software, and not only that I’m gonna reveal to you three product niches that you can get started in right.

Now, in online e-commerce stores, and also I’m going to give you a whole bunch of cool tips on arbitrage drop shipping. So definitely take a few minutes. Grab your coffee and watch this video. You definitely do not want to miss some of the cool stuff.

I’m, going to show you now. If you’re not into e-commerce or have your own online physical products store the question, is you know why should you even get into it? Let me show you some facts here now on this webpage I found at the self starter calm.

You can see they have some stats here about the you know the global growth for epub wishing eBook. So you can see right here that you know it’s projected that in 2020 is going to rise to 29 billion, with with 16 percent annual growth, which is crazy, and what about online courses you can see here it’s.

Gon na grow up to 50 billion dollars in 2020, see there’s. Definitely a good growth going on. In the you know: self-paced elearning, global market. You also have software as-a-service, basically online apps sort of thing, and they’re gonna grow to 132 billion in 2020.

So you can see that digital products are is definitely an awesome opportunity, but I just want to show you those numbers, because it’s a scroll up here and show you something else which is gonna blow your mind.

Look at the e-commerce business. It’s, actually gonna rise up to 1.7 trillion dollars. Now one trillion dollars is 1000 billion. So you can see the growth is, you know so much so much bigger than digital product businesses, so ecommerce is huge and the big opportunity I want to stress in this video is the fact that you can actually treat an e-commerce business like a digital product business Where you don & # 39, t have to warehouse any products at all and that’s, why I love arbitrage drop shipping and one of the awesome things about e-commerce.

It’s really easy to get started. In fact, all you have to do is use a service like Shopify or you can use WordPress and get whole bunch of different plugins that you can use to create your own online store.

But the real question here is: how do you do it? You know how does this arbitrage dropshipping work, so they don’t have to warehouse any products you know personally. For me, I love digital marketing and the cool thing is ecommerce can be treated just like a digital business.

So if you’re, not familiar with Shopify, just bear with me for about a 1 minute here. I just want to quickly explain how this works all right, so I’m gonna illustrate this using my little fancy diagram here.

Well, maybe it’s, not that fancy, but this is basically kind of how it works now. The first thing you do is you set up a Shopify store and Shopify is actually free for a 2-week period, and I’ve. Seen people make a lot of money before they even have to pay for their monthly fee, which is really low.

I think it’s less than 20 bucks a month or something like that. It’s, really really inexpensive for all the stuff that they give you. So you get your Shopify store, you throw in some products, some descriptions of images and then what you do is you get people to your store and one of the best ways to do that is by using Facebook.

But people come to your store. They buy a product from you and then the order that product through your Shopify store and then you’ll, get that money directly to your PayPal account from Shopify, but also inside a Shopify.

You will have your customers address their physical address, so we need buy something from you. They’re gonna put in the shipping address, and now you have their shipping address and you go over to a wholesaler and one of the most popular wholesale drop shipping services.

Right now is Aliexpress. You can think of it kind of like Amazon, but it’s more of Asian sellers and then over there. That will ship the products for you. So you go to Aliexpress and you buy the product yourself, but you paste in the your customers address that they use from buying from your store.

So you just copy and paste it, and then you order the product and then all the Express will actually deliver that product to your customers. So you never have to warehouse any of the product at all, and here’s, a great tip right when you’re ordering the product.

What you want to do is leave a message for the seller on Aliexpress. You can say we’re drop, shipping, no promotions and didn’t voices, please so that that actual seller doesn’t start putting all their advertisements into the product that you’re, sending to your customer so That the customer will believe that it’s actually coming from your store, so that’s, a little tip that a lot of sellers use and it’s very powerful.

In fact, you & # 39, ll, get repeat customers coming back to your store, buying your products and another really good thing to do. Is you contact the seller and ask if you can put your own promotions inside of your product, so some sellers will do that.

Some may not, but that’s. Another opportunity you can take advantage of using all the Express now one of the biggest obstacles when trying to start your own Shopify store or any e-commerce store for that matter is the fact of what should you be selling? You know what niche should you be getting into and that’s, where I want to show you the intelligence online app.

This software is absolutely amazing and it’s. Gon na blow your mind and it’s. Gon na make this decision making so much easier. Wait till you check this out. What I’m gonna do is just take you right into the members area and show you what you can do with this powerful software.

So here we are inside of the members area and, as you can see at the top here, there are four very powerful tools that you can use to: research, different topics and different products for your own Shopify store or for any e-commerce store.

So don’t just think this only applies to Shopify. This comply to any e-commerce store that you own. So the first tool here is the Shopify product search and, as you can see at the time of recording this video there’s over 1.

15 million products that you can research inside here. You also have the Shopify store, search, which you can see there’s over 175,000 stores that you can actually search and analyze. Then there’s, the Amazon product search and the a product search now before I continue the amount of stores and products inside of this internal database is actually astounding.

It’s, amazing, because if you have to manually, do this to go through Google or go online to try and figure out all the different metrics of these different stores, it’s nearly impossible. Let me show you one method that you’d, have to do in order to try to do this manually.

If you go over to the App Store for Shopify, you can see here at set apps Shopify comm. So one way to investigate all the various stores within Shopify is to go to a particular category here in the App Store and that’s, a marketing click on view all and then simply click on one of these different apps.

That has a lot of reviews. You can see this one has 4,000 reviews that just click the first one and if you scroll down you’ll, see all the people that are leaving reviews. So if you actually click on these links here, they will go to individual stores.

So let’s, just open up a couple of them here and you can see here. We have some sort of pillow store and you’d, have to manually go through here and sort of look at all these different stores and try to figure out which one is their best seller and all those sorts of stuff that you really can’t do without the power of intelligence, so that’s.

What I just want to show you that it’s, actually quite difficult to try and analyze 175 thousand stores on your own. In fact, it’s. Nearly impossible, but the programmers of this particular product have put this all together using some very sophisticated algorithms that update this stuff every single week.

So this is really powerful information at your fingertips that you can use to try to pinpoint a hot niche or hot selling products that you can sell in your own Shopify or e-commerce stores. Let’s. Take a look inside here of the Shopify store search.

Now, as you can see here, you got very important data. You can see the daily number of visitors for each store, the bestseller price for the best selling item the whether or not the site has a Facebook pixel, and that’s.

A really strong indicator that the actual store is in profit. That’s because it’s. It indicates that the store owner is actually using Facebook Ads to buy traffic, to send to their store that you usually indicates they’re in profit, so that’s.

A really strong indicator: this is actually one of the filters up here that you can select whether or not the actual page or sorry the store has a Facebook, pixel or not, and you can also see the number of likes for their Facebook page.

I love this because you can go to their Facebook page and you can analyze their posts. Basically, what are they using for images which ones are getting the most engagement like shares comments all that kind of stuff.

You can also see the Twitter profile and see what they’re doing there and also an Instagram profile, and you can see how many followers they have on the Instagram, so that’s, also very powerful, and these these are really good.

Powerful things to know, because if you find a story, that’s, getting a lot of traffic, but they’re, not using Twitter and they’re, not using Instagram. Let gives you the ability to kind of come in. Do something similar and then take over that market a little bit and do really well let’s, go ahead and try an example.

Here, let’s say we go ahead and top here and I want to select Facebook pixel. I want to make sure that the Facebook page has that say over 100,000 likes, I’m gonna concentrate on US currency and for the max price for the best seller.

I’m gonna keep it around $ 30. Now it’s, a good idea to try and keep when you’re looking for products here to try to stay between, you know $ 1 to $ 30 for the best selling product. That will be a good indication that you can find a product that’s, pretty cheap on Aliexpress, the cell, and also it can indicate that the product might be very light lightweight to ship and that basically just helps you reduce refunds.

You know when that product doesn’t get to your customer. It’s too heavy. It may cost a bit more. You can offer free shipping all sorts of cool stuff to sort of keep the price range a little bit lower.

That’s. What we like doing when we use this product, let’s, go ahead and just search here, click search and take a look at some of the options that came up here. I can see right away. You & # 39. Ve got some sort of store here that’s.

Getting fifty thousand five thousand visitors per day for looks like some sort of smartphone screen protectors. So you see the best-selling one here. So if we go ahead and click there, we can take a look at what they’re.

Doing you see they’re selling it for twenty five dollars and usually on Aliexpress. You can find things like that for just a few dollars and I’ll show you an example of that in just a moment. Let’s just continue and take a look at some other options.

Here we found this is another really good one. You can actually investigate some sort of bracelets pura-vida. I’m, not sure if I’m pronouncing that correctly, but I’ve, seen a lot of these sorts of things on Aliexpress that could easily be drop shipped and quickly.

Looking down below here, you can see a couple. Other possibilities to investigate it looks like some sort of fruit, infuser water bottle and then some leggings for four women, so that’s. Another could be another possibility to investigate as well, because you see a lot of different options show up immediately by using the filters inside of intelligence.

So another option we can do here is: we can actually select no for the Facebook pixel to show stories that do not use the Facebook pixel. So you can find ones that have pretty good traffic and then you can come in and then use Facebook ads, because this could be an indication that this particular store is not using Facebook Ads.

Therefore, you can kind of come in and use ads and then dominate the market. So well, here’s, one. We can look at right here. It looks like some sort of key smart or key holder or some sort. Let’s. Go ahead and just take a look at that and you can see all the details of the product here on their store.

But what I want to do here is show you another feature actually within intelligence, that’s incredibly powerful it’s called the store inspector. You click the store inspector here and it will show you a whole bunch of more very detailed information about that particular store.

So you can see the website the last time they updated the theme they’re using as well as their Shopify username. You can see their social presence, so you got the Facebook page. So if we go ahead here and go over to their Facebook page now, we can see what they’re using for images to advertise their particular products, and then you can sort of model.

If you’re getting into this sort of niche of selling these key holders, some sort of smart key holder, you can model of what these guys are doing for different videos and see which ones are getting the most interaction you can.

Oh, this got 331 likes there’s. A lot of comments. You know, 675 comments, so you know these guys were actually doing something right, so that’s, a really good tool to use there as well. You can go ahead and check out what they’re doing on Twitter, the product insights.

This is really neat. You can see how many products they’re launching per month. You can also see the top five, the best selling products in their entire store right here you can see all the recent ones they just added another.

The cool thing is, you can actually see the installed apps, you know what they’re doing for sales, what they’re doing for marketing other tools. There’s, all sorts of cool stuff. You can learn from this.

You can also see whether or not they’re using like a different types of advertising platforms like ad roll, or something like that. So you can definitely look at the inside of what they’re using, and you can model that in your own stores.

Now this is really powerful. You can actually see the traffic analysis, and this comes really handy. You can see all the traffic that’s coming in what countries is coming from the daily visitors, then you can use this information.

If you’re running ads on Facebook, you can concentrate all your traffic from you know from the US and sort of model what they’re doing here for their traffic. So you can see where all the traffic is referring from the top referring sites a lot of the times.

These top referring sites. You can go to those sites and there might be some average advertising opportunities within these sites to get to yours. You can see what they’re doing for searching. So the here’s.

All the organic search keywords, the paid keywords where they’re, concentrating all of their social media, which is on Facebook. If they & # 39, re doing display advertising and it looks like they’re using Google Display advertising as well other subdomains.

They’re using the interests of their audience. This is a really good information to have. When you’re setting up a DIN Facebook, you can kind of copy the interest there’s different categories within the Facebook ad platform that you can use different topics about that it can use those keywords similar sites.

You can also go and investigate different mobile apps that are related. It’s, not actually none here, for this particular one, but you can see there’s. A lot of awesome information here that you can use – and this is given for every single store within the Intelligence Platform – another option inside of intelligence is, you can actually click.

This little link says find on Aliexpress if you click that it & # 39. Ll, give you a bunch of different keywords that you can search on Aliexpress for this particular product. It just takes the keywords from the actual title, and all you have to do is: is click the button and heads over to Aliexpress, giving you some different options that you can see on all Express for different products.

You can possibly promote as well that are related to that product. Now sometimes they products that come up here are not quite as related just because the keywords can be kind of different or weird whatever inside of the actual product title.

But nevertheless, what I do want to mention here is the other. Express search engine is actually quite limited and that’s, why? I created the bonus software ollie inspector. Here we are inside of the ollie inspector software, which works both on a PC and a Mac computer.

There’s, three different tools, and here we’ve, got the keyword generator. You can also search all the bestsellers and all the Express and also the keyword search. So let’s, use the keyword, search and let’s type in smart key holder.

We’re, going to select all categories ship to country United States and I’m going to sort by. Basically, let’s, search by the number of orders, go ahead and click search, and it will quickly go out and grab all these products.

We’re, just searching the first five pages of results is about 40 results per page, and you can see we’re gaining the price. The category we’re, getting the free shipping provider, the free shipping delivery time, which is you know, nineteen to thirty nine days here, whether or not they offer a packet.

The e packet rate, the packet delivery time, the unit, how many orders, the rating, the reviews, also the link to the stores the store score, as well as the store feedback percentage. These are all very important now, while this is renting, I just want to mention some really powerful tips.

When you’re trying to select products from Aliexpress, it’s, a really good idea to try to stay away from brands, fakes and knock-offs. You know what don’t be saying stuff like Nike or Star Wars, equipment things like that just so to avoid any sort of copyright.

Stuff also try to use try to find products that use a packet delivery, which is basically Asia’s. Version of you know, FedEx or whatever says, shipping delivery system and the, and you can also find products that have free shipping.

So you want to try to focus on ones that have a packet delivery with free shipping. You also want to try to find products to have a delivery time of less than two weeks. You know you don’t want your customers to be waiting for their product.

That will result a lot of refunds. You also want to concentrate on products that have over 300 orders that have a rating of at least four and a half and try to focus on products that are like a dollar to.

You know two to $ 20 or $ 30 and you want to be finding stores that have a 90 % or more feedback and it’s. Also a really good idea to order one of the a single unit of that particular product for yourself.

So you can just see what it looks like. You can really see what your customers are getting now here’s, the cool thing, the all the inspector software can do. All of this, for you in just seconds check this out.

Let’s, go back to our search results here and we can go ahead and select the e pack and delivery rate you can see here. Let’s. Do this less than 15, so we know it’s within two weeks, then we can also select the number of orders.

Let’s, say greater than 300, and now we can see they have really good feedback score. A lot of reviews, and then what we can do down here is click the preview button and we can instantly see all the results and you can see here.

These actual images are very similar to the other store that we saw, but here’s. What’s really shocking. Take a look at the prices per unit. We’re looking at a dollar fifty dollar fifty one four dollars, and if we go back to that store, you can see that they were selling them for upwards of $ 20 $ 50 here thirty-five dollars, so that’s, a pretty Big markup, so that’s, that’s.

What you really want to see you want to see where you can buy, really low and then sell for very high in your ecommerce store and then use Facebook Ads to really dial in your marketing and make really good profits.

Another awesome feature I integrated into the software. Let’s say you’re interested in selling this product on your store, and you want to get all these images into your store. So an easy way to do that is you can use a feature within the olly olly inspector software.

You simply right, click select download and you can download product images in description. So you click that and it ask you where you want to save it. Just select folder and it will save all the images description and automatically pop up.

The images are right here. You also get a word document. Sorry, a text document I should say, gives you the title: link category price item, specifics the packaging, the description. So now you can just simply come in your copy and paste this information into your store.

You also have the product description provided in HTML if you just click that it’ll just open up in your web browser, but you can take that HTML and you can add it to your store and then just customize it within the HTML editor Within your store and Shopify or within your WordPress e-commerce site, another very powerful feature as well as you can actually download the best product reviews that you can import into your Shopify store.

Now this is only applicable to Shopify stores. This doesn’t work for WordPress, but if you have a Shopify store, you simply just right-click and select the review types that you want, for example down here and your desired review ratings.

So you can get all the five-star for all the way to one or you just want all the positive negatives or it’s. All stars. Let’s, go all positive and then you want to select the number of reviews you want to import.

You can select, let’s say up to 100. I do want to note that the room time, the reviews don’t have any content, just people just giving a star review, so this will only download the ones that actually have the reviews.

So if you actually go back to that product here and scroll down, you’ll, see feedback. These you & # 39, ll, see all the different reviews. Here. You can see all of them here and different ratings. This is what it’s, going to be downloading, and so what it requires is you need to link to the Aliexpress product on all the Express, but you also need a link to the product on your Shopify store.

So let’s. Just use that example there that store that we found with the key smart – and I just found this one product here within the store. I just clicked this link right here and here’s a product. So this is let’s.

Get this link right click and you copy that link in the web browser and go ahead and paste it right into here. So this would be where we want to upload the reviews to so. This is just an example, but go ahead and click download.

It tells you asks you where you want to download it and you simply, click go and it’s going ahead and it’s. Downloading all those reviews, and now we can take a look. It’s, provided in a special. A specific file is formatted for Shopify.

You can see all the reviews there and now your good news just go ahead and import it. Now we have a help video on the back end. That will show you exactly how to do that step-by-step and another awesome thing about Olli inspector.

Is you can run multiple instances of the software at once, so you can see here. I went ahead behind the scenes and I downloaded a bunch of information about women’s, leggings or leggings for women. I should say the screen protector also the fruit infuser.

So now we can go in and do all the same stuff by selecting the EPAct rate, the delivery time exactly what we did before really really quickly. So let’s just do one for an example. Here more than 300 orders listing more than 500 orders and then now we can go preview and we can see all these fruit and fusers, and you can see here.

Some of them are just a deal of two bucks. You know $ 14 there. This one here looks really nice five dollars almost six dollars, so it’s. Definitely a lot of opportunity, and this makes it really easy for you to pinpoint the exact products that you really want to be using it or e-commerce stores.

This software is incredibly powerful and there’s. Definitely a lot more to it. I’m, just showing you just a tiny sliver what the software can do now, as I promised at the beginning of the video I said, I’d, give you three product, / niche ideas, and so let’s.

Go ahead and do that I hear the earth would watches and would sunglasses that’s, actually two niches, but I was thinking you can probably combine those together to make your own unique, would kind of watch the sunglass store.

Another one is drones and finally smartwatches now let me just show you the results here on Google Trends, so on Google Trends, you can see the interest for both wood watches and wood sunglasses. They’re very consistent.

You can see them slowly kind of raising up, especially the wood watches, so it’s, definitely a really popular item and it’s very stable in the market. Another one here is drones and you can see how drones are drastically increasing.

As we know that you know, drone technologies is getting so awesome these days, so that’s. Definitely another idea. Another one is smart. Watches, as you can see, is a huge boom since 2013, as we all know, smart watches a really big market right now.

So those are three things you can definitely do by out getting those products from Aliexpress and putting them into your own stores, and you, you shop, east, by an alley inspector to basically do all the research you need, which is one of the most difficult things to Do because, once you find those products putting them into your store and start selling them that’s, the easy part it’s, the research and finding all those things on all those products that you could sell.

That’s. The hard part now I just did a quick search here in a lien Specter for SmartWatch, and I got 225 orders. In fact, I’ve, actually tested it out. If you do a hundred pages, it & # 39, ll return over 4,000 items and it works really fast.

Only takes a few minutes that’s, pretty cool, let’s. Just take a look here and let’s. Look at some products, let’s say we want to look at stuff, that’s over 300 orders and I want to see a feedback of over 90 and I want a delivery time of less than two weeks and let’s just take a look at a packet so right there, so these are all a packet right now that’s all filters, so we filter down to 38.

Let’s. Take a preview of these real, quick and let’s, see what we find. So you can see there’s, a ton of possible smartwatches that we can get into and look at that children’s SmartWatch. That could be an entire niche in itself, make a whole store just for children’s smartwatches and then what you can do is you can mark it to parents on Facebook it’s, easy to mark it on to parents on Facebook.

You can actually select that, as part of your add features like they have that option in there, so that’s, a pretty powerful idea as well. So you can see just how powerful this software can be, and you can just narrow it down really quickly to those products that you can go on research on all the express to sell in your stores.

Now I realize the video is getting a little bit long here, but just bear with me. I really want to show you a couple other powerful features in all the inspector here that will get you very excited. Now let’s say you’re, looking through shoppi, spying and other research, and you want to get into some sort of niche like say, for example, baby toys, but you weren’t quite sure what type of baby toys You should research when you’re on all the inspector and you go to search at the top here.

Let’s, say you type in baby, Toye you’ll, see all these keywords show up. Well, if you have pen the letter, A you & # 39, ll get a whole bunch of suggestions, and it gives you the number of results as well, and so this would be the next number one ranked keyword for that baby toy with the letter A now.

If you change that out with a bee, you’ll get another set of keywords, so this is what that keyword tool does. So let’s put in baby toy and you can also select a category for your leg. So I’m just going to keep it select all and click go now it’s going out is grabbing the rank, so the position that it appears on that little drop-down, so from 1 to 10, when you use the baby toy, Just the word baby toy or baby toy a – and it just got 150 keywords.

Now here’s, a real cool thing: you can sort by rank, you can hold down the shift key and you can also sort within those sorted ranks. So I can see the number one results for the number one ranked baby toy our baby boy vest, so that could be a potential toy, a baby boy jacket, a baby toy ring baby toy dog baby toy tools.

So let’s, go ahead and take a look at one of these here. Let’s, say let’s. Select a baby baby boy vest now here’s, a really powerful feature. I’ve integrated. All you have to do is right. Click and click send keyword to search tool.

It’ll automatically go and send it right over to the keyword, search tool and start searching for that particular item. I’m, sorry for that particular keyword, and so that’s, a really powerful tool, as you can see, even though, if you’re, not really sure what to look for using the keyword generator, you can come up with Hundreds and hundreds of different ideas, so let’s, go ahead and just pause that there and now we can go ahead and check out all these different things to see.

If there’s, anything over 300 orders. Now we didn’t. Look through that many thought there was three: let’s preview, those and see what they are and you got some vests boom there you are, you can set up a whole store around baby boy vests.

So you can see just how powerful the software can be, and one last thing I do want to show you is the best sellers. Now there’s, a bestseller section on Aliexpress and the sellers change all the time.

I think they’re like weekly bestseller, so you can come in here every week and check out all the top bestsellers for any category you want or you can search for all of them. It’ll. It’ll. Just grab the top 100, so if there’s actually 100 available, so let’s, say, for example, you want to look at kids and baby, you click go and it will find right now there’s, currently 84 top Bestsellers in there – and here you can quickly see all the information that we were looking at before – that’s, totally valuable, like the number of orders, the rating, the reviews, whether or not they got a packet their rates.

So you can quickly go through here and pinpoint potential niches that you can get into in the kids and baby niche so and you also get access to several help videos. So if you just click on the help videos up there, I’ll.

Have a bunch of help videos here that will show you how to use each tool. So if you decide to grab the brand new intelligence online apps offer product, you will also get access to my audience vector desktop software, which works both on Mac and PC.

Along with your purchase – and I’m already – considering to break up the software in three separate products and sell it for a total of two hundred and ninety seven dollars. So this is a really good value in an incredible bonus to your purchase and in addition, you not only get access to all these very powerful tools within the Intelligence Platform.

You also get access to a full user guide, as well as video tutorials and the bonus products which includes the audience vector, as well as a beginner’s guide to making money using a five dollar date advertising system.

So you get access to that. As well – and I also personally give you extra bonuses along with audience audience Spektor – you’ll – also get another guide on how the dropship, with all the Express and Shopify you’ll, get a document on 14 product niche ideas that you Can use in 2017 a Facebook powerhouse report, as well as a link to a really awesome forum thread that I found, which is basically a complete journey of a person that started his ecommerce business using all the Express it’s, a really incredible, read And you’ll, get that as well now, as you can see on this page here, we do want to stress that this is an extremely limited time offer and you may not receive these exclusive bonuses if you do not take action now.

In addition, it’s, really important that you get inside of the intelligent system right now and harness the power of researching possible niches and products as fast as you can, because there’s, going to be other people in here.

That’s it to come in and start to saturate the market with all these great ideas. So it’s, imperative that you take action as soon as possible, so that you can harness the power and the research data that intelligence offers.

You and to give you an idea of just how powerful and important this data is for your business. There’s, another product online, that’s very similar to intelligence that actually charges 499 dollars a month that’s.

500. Bucks a month to get access to their product, but with intelligence you’re, not going to pay anywhere. As close to that, I want to thank you for watching this video and I really hope you learned something new here and, most importantly, getting motivated to take action.

I don’t. Leave you with this famous quote that I love it’s by Farrah gray, build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs, so go ahead, build your dreams and take action today and I’ll, see you on The other side bye for now

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