Self-Care for Busy Moms Review

Self-Care for Busy Moms Review

As mothers, we often don’t have a lot of time in our hands. When we are not working, we should be taking good care of our kids. I don’t even know what I want to do when I finally get some free time.

This is where this Self Care for Busy Moms review comes in as I discuss what it is like to get ideas from a complete stranger about what I can do to bring myself up from a bad day.

When you are a busy mother, the chances of having a bad day is extremely high. That goes even higher if you are a single mother.

Imagine the stress of having to raise kids by yourself. You will most likely need a couple of jobs just to pay for everything you need to pay.

You would want to enjoy every single second of your life so you would have great memories when you grow up.

One thing you must remember is that nothing lasts forever. We have seen lots of people take life for granted and not do fun things while still young.

Don’t make the same mistake. While you are still young, you can still do amazing things even if you are at a mother. Whether you will be with your family or not would depend on you.

Remember, stress is going to get you sick so you must do something that you enjoy and this book has about 150 suggestions. I guarantee you will find some ideas useful.

After a few days of reading the book, I did a majority of the ideas already. In fact, I am thankful I came across the book as I enjoyed all of the activities I did like seeing a doctor and treating my hair.

I never knew I would enjoy those activities until I tried them.


It is a great read for the average mother. I got a lot of great ideas and they even stated the time duration for each activity. For example, the book gives you something to do for an hour which is enough for an after work type of activity.

The book also gives an activity for several hours which will certainly take a lot of planning in mind so that is something you should plan for the weekend.

I learned a lot of lessons from this book and that is what is important. I would say the book is pretty much worth the money.

I would not think of buying something else given its price tag. In fact, it is a great gift for your mother on her birthday or Mother’s Day.

I guarantee she will read it again and again. Yes, it won’t actually take long to finish the entire thing. In fact, it would take mothers just a day to finish it. Of course, that is providing you have an entire free day for that.

This book will remind you that the person you should care for the most as a mother is yourself. If you care so much about your family and get stressed all the time, you may not live long enough to see your grandchildren.

It is important to go out and enjoy things. It is true that you already know some of this book’s suggestions but still did not do them for whatever reason.

Consider this a sign that now is the time you should definitely go out and do it. If you want to test your limits, go for the short-term activities so you can find out if you are the type of person who is up for some fun.

Once you get the hang of it, you can now move towards activities that will require more of your time. There is nothing like pampering yourself as you are the person you should be happy after the activity.

This book is certainly for those mothers who barely have time for themselves. It is also for those mothers who don’t have any clue what to do when they suddenly have free time.

When you are always busy and you suddenly have free time, you can’t blame yourself if you don’t know what to do.


The ideas get a little redundant. I also see myself doing some of these things without getting the idea from the book.

While the ideas were good, I think more explanation should have been provided regarding how they were supposed to be accomplished more often.

It is obvious you can’t accomplish these things a lot more than you can handle. Yes, I wish there was a part two for this book.

I don’t know if it means more ideas but I would have definitely loved to see more of this concept.

As a mother, I did not know there were a lot of things I can do. Perhaps, the reason why some ideas were not explained too much is because it depends on the person.

Some of them could be a bit vague but if there are some ideas you don’t think would satisfy you then you could skip them and move on to the next.

For example, one of the suggestions is soaking your feet. if you’ve tried that before and it is not exactly your cup of tea then you can move on to the next.

Since there are more than 100 suggestions, there will definitely be some that you will probably not like.

About the Author

The author of Self-Care for Busy Moms is Sara Robinson. She has written a memoir for her parents and three poetry books which were all awesome.

In fact, her poems have appeared in tons of publications. That was no doubt what made her such a star in the industry.

Right now, she serves as a poetry columnist for the Southern Writers Magazine. She has more than a big reputation in the industry.

Sara thought of a pretty good concept when coming up with this book. Aside from being an excellent poet, Sara Robinson is also a creative writer.

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