ZeroTouch Agency Review: Can it really help you with making a lot of money

When this COVID-19 thing was declared a Pandemic, I knew it is going to be bad for the economy and a lot of businesses are going to fail because of the new problems this Pandemic will bring.

But I knew where there are problems, there are opportunities.

So I have been looking for solutions that can help the failing businesses while we make a profit.

There were a few products coming up. But none was powerful enough to make a lasting impact.

Then I came across ZeroTouch Agency.

The sales copy and descriptions seemed to be good.

Their features were also very powerful.

But such a low price made me think about the product quality.

So I decided to sign up for the product to see how it is working before I promote it to my audience.

After using the product and testing out its features, I am writing this review to guide you better. So read on…

As soon as you login to ZeroTouch Agency, your dashboard will open up where you can find all the necessary numbers and analytics.

The User Interface is really clean and easy to use.

Just by looking at the home screen, and menu options, you will automatically know what to find where.

But in case you get stuck anywhere, there is a help option on the top left!

The menu options are where the magic happens.

So let’s look at them one-by-one:

1. Snapshot:

Snapshot is really your dashboard, or your home screen.

No matter where you are, if you click on the snapshot, you will be pulled back to the dashboard.

All the necessary data you or your client might need will be displayed here so you can easily track the growth!

2. Catalog

Then there is this Catalog option where you can add your products and product categories.

This is the place where you can upload the menu, or the products of your clients that will be linked with your scannable QR code.

So whenever a customer arrives, all he has to do is scan this code and place the order. His order will show up inside your client’s account from where he can fulfil it.

3. Stations

The Station option is a little hard to understand when you first look at it.

But all it does is that it gives you an ability to generate multiple QR codes for the same catalog.

So let’s say your client is a restaurant owner. He receives several customers at once.

All of them scan and pay, and now they are waiting for their orders.

But how will your client know who ordered what?

To solve that problem, you can have several QR codes for different spots, tables, or rooms.

Whenever someone will scan the code, your client will know from which spot it was scanned. Hence, he can directly deliver the order there.

Ability to have location specific codes is just awesome!

4. Orders

Under orders you can see all the current orders.

The business owner can also see if the order is still pending or if it has already been fulfilled.

The business owner will also be able to see if the order was already paid online by credit card or paypal.

Or if it has to be paid in cash.

Once the cash is paid, just click on “Mark as Paid”.

Under the “Orders” option you can also see from which spot (station) the order was booked, hence you know where to deliver it.

And, of course, what was ordered will also be displayed to the business owner.

Customer name and phone number is also mentioned there, just in case…

5. Customers

Here you can access all your data for all the customers you’ve had in the past.

There are many things you can do with this data later on…what you do with it is on you.

ZeroTouch Agency does have a few features as an add on that you can use to market to these customers later on!

You can remove the customers by clicking on “remove customer”.

Though there is no option to add any customer manually. I think that option is not needed anyway!

Maybe a downside is that you cannot import the customer list!

6. Library

Library option is just there to save your important pictures, so you don’t have to upload the same image again and again.

You can add or delete images from here but it’s not really an important option.

You’ll understand its usage once you start using ZeroTouch Agency!

7. Settings

Under settings you have 3 further navigation options – Basic Settings, Payment Settings, Custom Domain.

Inside basic settings you have all the necessary options for whitelabeling this product.

You can add your logo, brand name, and brand color from here!

Then under payment settings, you can connect PayPal or Stripe accounts.

And finally, under custom domains, you can link your domain name.


I think ZeroTouch Agency is a powerful product with a really simple and user friendly design. And I see a potential for anyone to make a lot of money using this tool.

All you pay is a one time fee to get ZeroTouch Agency and you can keep charging your clients every month. I can already imagine the huge profits that it can bring. You can probably earn back what you pay for this product for less than half of the money you’ll earn from your 1st sale.

And I definitely know this can be sold very easily because nothing like this exists in the market, and the market has been looking for something like this product…but it just didn’t exist.

Click Here to Check out ZeroTouch Agency

Please let me know in the comments if you like this article review? And also let me know what you think about ZeroTouch Agency if you are already using it?

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