AdTargeting Review (2023): Is It Worth It?

Last Updated on: 2 February 2023

Nowadays, targetting the most specific Facebook interests, niches, and keywords for ad campaigns is more complex than ever. As the difficulty rises, the payout gets tougher, something that becomes an immediate issue for most individuals who depend on ad campaigns to keep a business afloat. That is why it is important to discover tools that help in the fight against those difficulties to maximize the ROI as much as possible without having to invest a lot of money or time looking for solutions.

The following article will focus on providing an AdTargeting review so that the reader gets used to this interesting tool that has many key features that might bring multiple benefits to Facebook or Google ad campaigns to raise awareness or increase the sales of a business.

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What is AdTargeting?

In simple words, AdTargeting is a Facebook targeting tool that reveals the multiple niches of interest in order to know how to target a certain audience depending on the topic of the ad campaign that was made for the business.

What makes this tool an amazing alternative for many individuals across the world is the fact that it will be possible to target many specific audiences that could have not been seen without the aid of such a tool, granting the business a solid advantage over other competitors.

How does it Work?

The fact that it is also an extremely easy-to-use tool makes it shine among other alternatives that can be found on the internet. Really all that has to be done is sign up for free and then introduce a keyword in the main search box to start looking at the hidden interesting words or niches that competitors are not aware of yet.

This will offer a whole dimension of insight for potential targets and also it is possible to discover how many individuals of a specific audience are liking or using the selected keywords, also, the user gets to discover other key information such as gender, average age, and region of the targeted audience.

Overall, AdTargeting provides many advantages to its users as it is one of the best ways to find hidden niches or interests in massive Facebook audiences with the purpose of studying the performance of specific niches and keywords to boost and maximize the ROI of Facebook marketing targeting campaigns.

How much does it Cost?

AdTargeting is a free tool that is easy to use and has helped thousands of marketers and businesses in getting the most out of their ad campaigns as well as maximizing the ROI from such campaigns to invest those funds in more crucial or relevant aspects of the business. Also, the user will have access to many free Google keywords that can make the process a lot easier when it comes the time of attracting more traffic by lowering ad costs and boosting productivity.

Benefits of Using AdTargeting over Other Similar Tools:

1.- Find Facebook Interest and Competitor’s Audiences

AdTargeting for Facebook Targeting

AdTargeting is an excellent tool for this purpose as it helps to expand and discover multiple interests of competitor audiences in order to increase the traffic of a business. Also, thanks to the fact that it offers precise targeting, it is more powerful than other tools that do not provide results as precise as the ones provided by AdTargeting.

It is possible to target competitors’ audiences by using an “Advertiser” to search for other similar businesses’ ad campaigns that might have better keywords or niches, also, it will be possible to receive information about the ad campaign like how long they have been running the ads, how they perform in the real world and most importantly, how their audience profile helps increasing the business opportunities so that the user manages to select a solid profile that can increase traffic by targeting the right audiences.

2.- Comparing Interest and Keywords is Simpler.


One of the most common issues with ad campaigns is the fact that there are situations when there are too many keywords that seem promising and reliable, and in these cases arriving at the best option is not an easy thing.


That is why AdTargeting makes this process of comparison simpler in order to select the most appropriate interests or keywords by having access to information like the average age, gender, level of education, job, location, and many other data of the audience to find the most suitable options for ad campaigns.

3.- It is Easier to make Research

Thanks to the fact that all the interests of the search are listed in packages, it is easier to search for interests or niches on the internet thanks to the fact that the keywords do not need to be inserted manually one by one. In fact, AdTargeting lists the most relevant in the same listing, meaning that it will be possible to save a lot of time in the process, something that other tools do not encourage as other tools only focuses on making as much traffic as possible to increase their profits and boost their popularity and reputation.

4.- It Provides Better Results Than Google Keywords Planner

Since AdTargeting is a tool that focuses on reducing costs and maximizing effectiveness as much as possible, it is not strange to see it performing better than official tools like the Google Keywords Planner as AdTargeting provides better insights into the searched keywords. It is also possible to know about other massively related keywords that might be relevant for the ad campaign, the specific search volume of the keyword, CPC, and even the pay difficulty on a scale from 1 to 100, meaning that the larger the number, the hard it is to bid the Google ad and receive a proper ROI.

When compared to the options offered by the Google Keywords Planner that only offers a vague range of search volume per keyword and an extremely simple evaluation of the paid difficulty, AdTargeting takes the lead in the majority of situations, however, that does not make Google Keywords Planner a bad tool by any means.

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