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Last Updated on: 6 December 2022

I stumbled upon Janice’s video course almost by accident. At first, I thought there was no way that I would be interested in creating videos for my products. A few days later, when I was shopping for pots, I found myself looking at YouTube videos for a better idea of the products I was browsing. That’s when it hit me. Video is an AMAZING format for showing off products of all types. Potential customers get to see all sorts of details about your products that they might otherwise miss.

This wouldn’t be my first foray into the world of video. Years before I took Janice’s course, I had briefly tried to make some videos for my online store. The process quickly spiraled into a nightmare. I struggled with file formats, with the editing software I tried to use, and with all of the decisions I had to make in terms of scripting, templating, and formatting — and that was before I realized everything I recorded was wrong. There’s a trick to getting a high-quality digital video that I definitely didn’t understand, causing me to record blurry, dark, shaky videos that would never have sold anything. Video isn’t for me, I thought. I’ll never be able to do this without professional help.

Gosh, was I wrong. Janice carefully broke things down in ways that even a technical novice like me could understand. I was impressed by the clarity of instruction as well as the well-chosen course material. When it was time to put the skills from the course to the test, I was able to easily tackle all of the obstacles I encountered thanks to the well-organized curriculum. Not only were her tips on recording incredibly helpful, but she also recommended a suite of easy-to-use software tools that allowed me to put my creative skills to work right away. Before, I spent hours watching tutorial videos in order to understand the interface well enough to start working on a project. With Janice’s instruction, I was able to get my first video done in less than an hour.

My online store has a lot of products. Luckily for me, Janice recommended a number of sample libraries with plenty of stock footage, sounds, and other elements that I could draw from to make videos for everything in my store. With the tools at my disposal, I was able to create unique promotional material for everything that I felt benefited from a video. This has given me lots of marketing options, including the ability to create unique video landing pages that I can use in my advertising pipeline. I’ve seen a noticeable increase in my conversion rates from these videos, enabling me to say that Janice’s course has definitely made me a profit.

I like to think that my products speak for themselves. Without video, however, they’ve struggled to find a voice in today’s distracted online world. By giving them promotional videos that take the time to highlight different elements of each product, visitors have a chance to really learn what’s inside my printables, what my Etsy products look like in the real world, and what my books are about. Background music and visual effects help me control the mood of the presentation. It really seems like I’ve got a big team of professionals working with me for marketing. It’s just me, though, and it doesn’t take me long at all to make a video!

Not only have the videos themselves done very well, I’ve also been able to use some of the other tools Janice recommended in my other marketing material. I’ve taken all of her Canva tips and used them to create images for my social media accounts (mostly twitter and Instagram), enabling me to “stop the scroll” and get people to check out the things I’m posting. This helps keep my customers coming back for repeat purchases, as they’re able to see the new things I’m offering and visit my store again!

Without Janice’s course, I’d never have had the self-confidence to take the plunge and take advantage of video in my promotions. I’d also never have realized how fast and easy it is to use her techniques to generate images for social media, nor would I have been able to churn out a plethora of individualized landing pages to help me with my advertising and outreach. Janice’s ability to break down key skills into simple, easy-to-understand concepts really helped me break through into online marketplaces and turned my hobby of selling things online into something a lot closer to a career.

I’ve taken a number of courses as an adult. Some of them taught me a lot. Others didn’t. Janice’s course probably had the biggest impact on my day-to-day operations. It gave me the ability to enter the world of video with confidence, skill, and purpose. I was able to spend a couple of weeks making video after video and graphic after graphic to promote my shop. When I was done, the results spoke for themselves — my conversion rate was through the roof, and I was making more money than ever.

Create a Printables Promo Video Course Testimonial

Here’s What You Will Learn

Module 1: Why Video is So Important?
Module 2: What Do You Need to Get Started?
Module 3: Creating Beautiful Slideshow Images
Module 4: Creating Your Video Promo
Module 5: Where to Upload Your Videos
Module 6: Go Over and Beyond Promo Videos [BONUS 1]
Module 7: Tips to Overcome Your Fear in Doing Videos [BONUS 2]
Conclusion: Congratulations, you’ve done it!
Tools and Resources Links

Would I recommend Janice’s course? Do you want to promote the heck out of your online products? If the answer is yes, then YES, I would recommend that you check out Janice’s Create a Printables Promo Video Course. While she emphasizes her own journey with printables in the course material, you can apply the techniques and tools she recommends to create high-quality, engaging promotional videos for just about any type of product. When potential customers see the videos, they’ll be able to better understand exactly what it is you’re selling and what makes your store great. If your experience is anything like mine, this will translate into a huge increase in the amount of business you do and totally transform your online storefront.

On their own, the videos you produce with Janice’s course will help you convert more clicks into sales. Combined with some light digital advertising, they’re a complete game-changer. Whether you’re doing e-mail campaigns, you’re leveraging social media for clicks, or you’re buying targeted ads on your favorite platform, being able to stick videos on landing pages will make your products fly off the virtual shelves. Janice’s simple, streamlined workflow helped me churn out all of the content I needed to start turning my hobby into a business. Thanks, Janice!

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