Landscape Digital Planner Template [Review] 2023

Last Updated on: 1 February 2023


With this advance and digital age, it is not surprising that many can create new and fresh ideas not only for their enjoyment but as a way of making money.

Not only does it give you the freedom to use your imagination and creativity, but it also gives you a way to earn for your needs and wants.

Convenient and so much useful, planners are used by many people to have their schedules and plans fixed. This can help them organize their time and activities to avoid misinformation and neglect of tasks.

But because of the papers piling up and improper waste handling, there are times where people may tend to just put schedules on their phones and gadgets, that is where digital planners come in handy.

What is Landscape Digital Planner Template

The Landscape Digital Planner Template is a new way of making fun and organized plans without the hassle of using much and necessary paper. From printable, and bounded planners, you can now have your schedule in the convenience of your smartphones or other gadgets.

About Author


A few years ago, Jayme decided to take the plunge and work toward achieving her dream of living as a full time RVer! Along with this decision came the realization that she needed a way to make money from the road.

This is when Jayme began her passive income journey! she started with selling printable planners on Etsy but it wasn’t long before she found her passion in digital planning.

Since launching her first digital planner, she have brought in thousands of dollars. In fact, in March of 2020, she was able to fund the purchase her brand new RV with the money that she made from Etsy!

Landscape Digital Planner Template Includes:


Apple Keynote for MAC (desktop version)
Affinity Publisher for MAC & PC
Landscape orientation
Completely customizable design
Hyper-linked tabs
Video tutorials
Commercial license


Customizable in Canva (*free version!)
Etsy listing images & videos
Facebook posts
Instagram carousels
Instagram posts
Instagram stories
Pinterest long pins & videos

Landscape Digital Planner Template features

  • Tabs flip from right to left as you turn the pages – just like a REAL paper planner
  • Four main section dividers
  • Each section has additional side tabs for added organization
  • Realistic drop shadows
  • You’ll learn how to eliminate the dreaded “planner lag”
  • Landscape orientation (two-page spread)
  • Pre hyper-linked tabs
  • Completely change the look of your planner with just a few clicks of your mouseEasy edit. With these editable templates, you can now personalize or even have your clients’ suggestions and personality in it. With cute text and stickers, you can choose varieties of designs and extra decorations of your liking. You can also customize it based on your preferred colors and patterns with different backgrounds and dividers.

Flip. It has flipping features that make the digital planner experience more realistic, just like flipping a true printed planner.

Organization. You can now write whatever you want and as long as you needed it to be. Since it is digital, you can now not worry about additional papers or memos, you can just add additional pages or tabs for a more organized and complete idea of what you are trying to put in your planner.

Linking. Since it is now digital, you can now put in links to different sites and additional information that you might need in the future or even as a reference. This can help you not forget the things that you need to remember and links that you might need to visit.

Pages. This digital planning template can give you sections that you need to organize your goals, to-dos, and even things that you just might wanting to add. Trackers, Journals, notes, and even inspirational quotes can be put on your pages in any way that you want.

Landscape Digital Planner Template as a business

Using your passion and creativity, plus resources, you can have the Landscape Digital Planner Template as a business. Though these templates and materials are copyrighted, you can avail of a commercial license, where it will be for you to use these paid materials for your business convenience.

The benefits of the Landscape Digital Planner Template

It can be edited through your laptop, desktop, or mobile apps.
Editable and customizable for your own personal or business use.
Hyper-link is available for your convenience.
Available video tutorials for things you need to learn about the whole digital planner editing and making.
Business License for your business and return of investment.
Social media-friendly. You can edit and use it for your posts and listings.
Collaboration of different Landscape Digital Planner Template users and editors.

With just four easy steps, you can know how Landscape Digital Planner Template works. It can give and save you so much time to manage your day and time.

Using your Apple Keynote for Mac and Affinity Publisher for Windows, you can now make your own planner and open your very own Landscape Digital Planner shop.

With the help and convenience of the Landscape Digital Planner Template by Cupcakes and Haystack, you can surely put creativity, resources, and passion, into a business that you can earn money while doing what you love to do.

How does it work?

Download your new landscape digital planner template to your MAC or PC

Open your template in Apple Keynote or Affinity Publisher and customize

Flatten your planner layers (optional) & export your finished document as a PDF

Customize your Etsy listing and marketing templates using Canva & export


Landscape Digital Planner Template is indeed a great way to show that hobbies can be turned into something that you can have benefited from.

From traditional paper works and printed materials, you can now have the convenience of your planner in the compact space on your mobile phone or electronic gadgets.

Try this Landscape Digital Planner Template business and you will know the big difference you are about to get.